Group Tours

Four Seasons Travel has extensive experience in designing custom made and personalised group tours irrespective of your budget.

We offer the full spectrum of group travel including:

  • School Tours
  • Sport Tours
  • Incentive and Corporate Groups
  • Cultural Tours
  • Conference Travel
  • Special Interest

We customise itineraries around your interests and budgets and the amount of sightseeing and activities you require. We believe that we offer great value for money, innovative ideas and excellent customer service as standard for all our clients. Full assistance is provided with visas applications should they be required.

Four Seasons Travel will ensure that your tour is professionally organized, tailored to your requirements, excellent value for money, fully insured and hassle free.

Tuscany Cooking Tours

Four Seasons Travel now offers specialized and custom designed cooking tours to Tuscany.

African Discoveries

We will design an unique holiday incorporating any of the following elements:

  • Safaris
  • Cultural
  • Beaches
  • Golf
  • Adventure
  • Wine
  • Mountains
  • Fishing
  • Deserts
  • Luxury Train travel
  • Islands
  • Battlefields
  • Spas

Golf Tours

With over 500 golf courses, South Africa is a golfer’s paradise and offers an opportunity to play some of the worlds best courses, whilst exploring the country. Diverse layouts, ancient trees, lush bushveld, dramatic mountain ranges, wildlife and ocean views all stir the senses.


Imagine… Your floating hotel travels with you from port to beautiful port. Unpack once, relax and visit the world’s most enchanting destinations. We represent all international and local cruise lines. Whatever your budget, whatever your dreams, let us find the perfect cruise and make it happen.

Family Holidays

The real magic of a family holiday is the time you spend together. Discover new destinations, relax over a family meal, discuss all that you hope tomorrow will bring. This is the stuff of great family holidays. No matter how diverse your family’s interests, we will plan an itinerary to please everyone.

Idyllic Islands

Unforgettable vacations, luxurious resorts, idyllic locations, superb facilities, exceptional service and everything in-between. This is what we believe makes a perfect island holiday. Whether it’s an island with a vibe or a villa with a view, there’s an island out there somewhere that will be perfect for you.


Africa boasts a rich spa culture with some of the most innovative, cleverly designed cutting edge spas in the world. Set in some of the most sensational locations, amid breathtaking scenery, you can find yourself being massaged while overlooking mountains, or on the edge of azure blue waters. Even find a crocodile lazily basking next to your bush spa. African Spas are at the forefront of the Spa revolution. We represent the 100 best spas in Africa.


Do you fancy a star studded African sky, an Arabian souk, a secluded island idyll or a heady dose of the East, we will find a magical spot worthy of your most romantic dreams. Honeymooners or holiday flings, if its romance you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Unashamed Luxury

Specifically designed for the discerning whose prime aim when travelling is to experience the very best. You are not content with the mundane or second best, you actively seek out the ultimate in accommodation and want personalised service in every aspect of travel. Let us reveal the hidden gems that will create a decadent and self indulgent escape.